Luxury Snowboarding Trips in the Alps

Snowboarding trips, far from the beaten track

Ready for a unique snowboarding experience well beyond the ordinary? Discover mountain terrain far from the beaten track on a luxury snowboarding trip. Our expert guides will show you the wild environment of the Alps. Places that you would never find alone, guiding you safely to explore away from the crowds.

We do not believe that you need to sacrifice comfort or safety for incredible and unique experiences. Our quest is for you to embark on a journey that will give you the freedom to explore and allow you to connect better with the world, nature and people. Putting a little physical effort in to this just adds to the satisfaction as well as enabling you to come back with a tale to tell.

There is no better environment for this combination of experiences than where Italy, France and Switzerland meet in the European Alps. A snowboarding trip in the Alps can help you break away from the ordinary and discover exhilarating adventure.

Join us for a luxury snowboarding trip exploring the Swiss, French and Italian Alps.

Luxury Snowboarding Trip
Le Strato luxury hotel

It’s the people that make it

We are an enthusiastic bunch

Every one of the Swisskisafari team is a mountain junkie, and we are obsessed with finding the potential for what’s out there on the mountain for you. Dedicating our lives to experiencing the Alps means that our excitement bursts through in every luxury snowboarding trip that we plan. We genuinely get excited about every safari we arrange and welcome you as if you are old friends.

Starting by getting to know you and finding out what your snowboarding experience we will help you find what your objectives are. We then come back to you with an individual itinerary, ready to go, so you can sit back until you arrive.


Escape the ordinary

A custom luxury snowboarding trip

A Swisskisafari snowboard safari will break away from anything you have done on the mountain before. We want you to understand how incredible this experience can be. It is comforting to know that the magic of the Alps still exists in small, charming locations.

To protect the essence of the Alps, its culture and communities, we want to help you push your personal boundaries and forge your own path.

A snowboard safari is the ultimate way to experience the Alps: we mix pure adrenalin-building exploration with just the amount of indulgence you like. Luxury feels even better when you really deserve it.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself