Luxury Ski Safaris and Guided Ski Touring in the Alps

Start to change the world by choosing to leave only footprints

Luxury ski safaris and guided ski touring in the Alps will change the way you feel about the mountains. If you’ve been thinking about ski touring for some time, but don’t have either the equipment or sufficient knowledge of the mountain terrain and associated challenges we are here to take care of all of the logistics.

Luxury ski safaris and guided ski touring through dramatic Alpine landscapes

Ski touring will engage all the skills in your skiers toolbox

A guided ski touring safari will call on your fitness, navigation, glacier travel and perhaps mountaineering….perfect if you are interested in trying something new and getting off the beaten track. All this happens while you’re exploring the Alps under your own propulsion.



Luxury tailor made ski touring safari

Pick and choose what you do based on the conditions

A trip can be as adventurous as you like. It can be designed as a discovery for first timers or it might be physical challenge you set for yourself.  It could include a rustic mountain hut or a luxury design hotel. The architecture of your trip will be a delicate balance between the views, the skiing solitude and the overall experience for a magic week. Contact us we will design the perfect trip for you.



A luxury tailor made ski touring safari is a great way to disconnect, get away from the crowds and get back in touch with yourself as you get back in touch with nature. All while having little or no impact on the environment. 

Discover a passion for wild skiing