Tailor Made Ski Safaris

Explore uncharted territories with a tailor made European ski safari

Find out how to challenge yourself on a mountain adventure designed for you. We arrange unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime tailor made ski safaris in Europe. Every safari leaves each guest feeling as though they have really achieved something.


You focus on your ski safari

We do the hard work

When we say we ‘tailor each trip to each individual’, we really mean It. Orchestrating every detail, from routes, guides, ski passes, helicopters, hotels, and restaurants, we meet your idea for an adventure. Whether it be for a special event, a marriage proposal, a James Bond experience or your annual special skiing holiday. For us, the sky is the limit.



With expert guides and our mountain expertise

We will design a luxury European tailor made ski safari that suits you.

You don’t need to be an expert skier to enjoy the drama of the European Alps. Our guides will introduce you to whatever off-piste, backcountry skiing experience you might desire, all in a relaxed and safe environment. Tailor made ski safaris are dynamic and during your trip to the Alps your guides will continue to mould your experience, as it happens, around the constantly changing elements.



Heli Skiing in Europe


Ski mountaineering is a progressive sport. It will help you see the world from a different perspective.

A Ski touring safari allows you to discover stunning untouched peaks and deserted descents while using different disciplines. Ski uncharted territory and progress to the next level. Each new skill requires a little experience, some athletic ability, and a touch of technical knowledge to maintain safety. They cannot be attempted alone, which is where our fully qualified guides come in.




Access back country

Areas in Europe which you have never been able to reach before.

These exhilarating ski touring safari adventures combine off-piste skiing and world-class Europen ski touring. Experience new ski lifts, lofty ascents, and areas reached with a combination of ski touring and ski lifts. Discover with us hidden paths where Switzerland, France and Italy touch. From the Mont Blanc to the private powder fields below the Eiger and everything in between.




Courmayeur view
Ski Safari

Be Inspired

We call our luxury ski safaris in Europe, tailor made safaris because they really are unique adventures.

We start by getting to know you before suggesting an individual itinerary.  Tailor-made days will be designed to match the activity level of each person and challenge the appetite of each group. Finally we confirm and prepay all the arrangements, ready for your arrival. And we accompany you every day to make sure everything goes to plan.




Skiing the Alpine wilderness is a purely unforgettable experience. You’ll be challenged and impressed by the landscape while feeling the rush that only a ski safari in Europe can create.

If you’d like to start building your luxury ski trip in the Alps, contact us today.

To wander is to be alive