Custom Heli Snowboarding Tours in the Alps

All about the snow: Heli-Snowboard safari in Europe between Switzerland, Italy, & France

Snowboard off the beaten track and enter a whole new world of mountain terrain. With a SwisSkiSafari expert guide at your side, your day can be as relaxing or as adrenaline-pumping as you like. Or, more commonly, a tempting mixture of the two. The accommodation, the restaurants and the unique highlights will always be an amazing part of our snowboarding safaris, but the snowboarding is where we start. It is the key to everything we do and the reason we do it.


The devil is in the detail

What sort of snowboarding do you like?

Swisskisafari’s number one, and most important, question. We always start with the details from you. Our team, pilots guides, hoteliers and chalet owners get together to find the perfect solution for you and your group. It does not always come straight away, but taking the time to focus on the details leads us to the most passionate route.


Stray from the beaten path

“Search for places that reveal both nature and its people and deliver an unforgettable and authentic experience.”

As the weather shifts and changes across the European Alps quickly, the ability to rearrange your itinerary hourly will give you the best chance of finding that un-touched powder. Last night’s online forecast may not still stand at 8am this morning, but our network of experts have decades of experience accurately predicting where the ultimate ski experience of each day will be, in real time. It’s assets like these that make SwisSkiSafari capable of arranging the best heli boarding in Europe.

``Feel it, understand it, respect it and protect it`` is our mantra for every trip