Guided Heli-Skiing Tours in the Alps

Discover your limits on a heli-ski safari in the Alps

Guided Heli-skiing tours between Switzerland, Itay, and France offers the best quality skiing options in Europe.

When we say SwisSkiSafari takes you on the inside track, we really mean it.

Heli-skiing in the Alps

It’s key to understand the difference between real heli-skiing and simple heli-transportation

In Europe, heli-skiing in its purest form is highly regulated with only two areas allowing it for the moment: Switzerland and the Aosta Valley, Italy. True heli-skiing is not permitted in France, even though some of your heli-skiing descents will finish across the border in France. Heli-transportation can be fun but it’s a whole other type of activity.



Heli Skiing in Europe

Small family, big ambition

Small is how we keep our heli-ski trips luxury ski trips

We get to know you, to create the ultimate mountain experience for you. To kick off planning your trip, everything you tell us about yourself, your aims, fitness, adventure level, likes and dislikes is shared with the whole SwisSkisafari team, so we can decide on what we think you would like. Our guides will help and encourage you along the way: down that steep couloir, hiking up to the highest point, to push you and get you that rush of achievement.



Heli-skiing, what to expect

A smooth journey in wild terrain

The most satisfying final product is a trip that looks easy and seamless. Craftily disguised in each trip is a combination of skills. From the profound knowledge of the snow, the weather conditions, the flying conditions, and the geography to the dangerous and treacherousness of the Alps, it is imperative that we have every aspect covered.





Behind the scenes:

We make high-end heli-skiing in Europe a reality

We all live here and being local means we are well connected, able to open doors where no-one else can. Helicopter skiing between Switzerland and Italy offers the best ski options because with each drop off point there are many ski options available that can suit any level of skier, not just powder specialists.




Heli-ski safaris require specialized knowledge, not only to ensure safety but to make sure you enjoy the best Alpine conditions. And who better to rely on than a team that has lived and worked in the area its whole life? we are the rule makers, the snow forecasters, and the boundary-pushers. Contact us today for more information.

Helicopter skiing in Switzerland offers the best ski options
because with each drop off point, there are many ski options available
that can suit any level of skier, not just powder specialists.