Heli Skiing Trips in the Alps

Reconnect with your instincts and feelings of freedom on the best Heli-Ski trip for you in Europe

We get to know you by assessing your mountain skills and needs. Then, monitoring mountain and weather conditions we adapt each trip, which is tailored just for you. This means each expedition is different and the best heli-ski trip because it is designed for you. All we ask is for you to be curious, adventurous and open minded. It doesn’t mean you need to be an athlete, just willing to try new things and experience the extraordinary


Experience the high alpine environment with the best heli-skiing trip

Helicopter Skiing in the Alps with SwisSkiSafari is all about getting the best of whatever there is:

Heli-skiing from your charming private chalet or newly renovated hotel, enjoying that perfect meal in a mountain hut, or breaking first tracks in a little known isolated area only minutes from some of the most crowded and famous slopes in Europe.

The best heli skiing trip in the Alps, is one that brings within reach of quite normal skiers an experience of the high mountain environment, which, in its very remoteness, can be intimidating and dangerous if approached without proper guidance.

Helicopter Skiing in the Alps

Heli -Ski across country borders

Adrenalin, exploration and indulgence without boundaries

The best heli ski trip include descents which have no recognition for national frontiers. One day you might cruise through untouched powder snow on a ski safari from the Matterhorn in Switzerland to the Mont Blanc in France. Or, skirt the base of the Eiger at the beginning of the week and enjoy lunch on a deserted peak in Italy at the end of your trip.

With your passport in your pocket, and your luggage taken care of by our ground team, all you need to concentrate on is each turn and the dramatic scenery around you. Wake up in one country and fall asleep in another, knowing that you have experienced the best conditions possible without the barriers a normal ski experience might face.

This is not simply a ski trip in the Alps, this is a personal journey which will stay with you forever. Contact us today for your next heli-skiing adventure.

There are no rules, escape happens, leave it to us