Wild and Wonderful Summer in the Alps - Swiss Ski Safari
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Wild and Wonderful Summer in the Alps

The virgin snow skiing of winter is over: it’s time to plan your summer in the Alps. Hikers from all over the planet head for the Alps in summer to tick challenges off their bucket list, and as the last of this year’s snow is melting we’re quietly concocting new, wild and wonderful summer experiences for our guests.

Tourism in the Alps was originally only in Summer

For thousands of years, travellers came to the Alps exclusively in the summer. Winter conditions limited Alpine travel before technology and transport developments increased accessibility.

But exactly which months are best for visiting now? We say “live like a local”: when the locals leave the Alps, it’s best to stay away. In May snow is still on the ground and hiking trails are wet and water-logged. Many businesses are closed. It is a difficult time of year to plan a hiking trip. Of course, nothing is impossible but a lot of planning and local knowledge are needed to find quality hiking paths in May. Early to mid- June are the best months in the Alps. Late September is also often one of the most beautiful.

Early summer in the Alps

In early summer you will find more flower species in bloom in the Alps than anywhere else in Western Europe. Some of the most wonderful hiking takes place knee-deep in flowers. Why not experience this for yourself with a hike through a living mosaic of yellow, white, blue, violet purple and pink?

Summer weather in the Alps

Temperatures can vary greatly during summer. It is usually cool at night, and any breeze in the mountains can come with a bite after passing over freezing glaciers. However, prepare for very warm temperatures as you descend into the valleys. Don’t forget the sun is more intense at altitude so it is important to bring good sunglasses, sunscreen, a hat and layered clothing. Good, all-terrain hiking boots are also essential. Have a look at our guide to hiking boots for help finding the right ones for you.

This summer, become part of our Alpine family

This summer, do much more than simple hiking in the Alps: become part of the SwisSkiSafari family. This is our home and we would be delighted to share the hidden gems of this region with you.

Warm regards from the mountains