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What to pack for a ski safari

Jacket by Mover

Each new season starts with the same old question: what should I wear? What should I pack for my luxury ski safari in the Alps? When you’ve had a few months, or years, off skiing, you don’t want to forget small things and end up with annoying, uncomfortable or dangerous kit. So here is our list of what to pack for a ski safari.

Try your clothes on
Try your clothes on! Check they fit, there are no rips, tears or broken zips. Try on thermal first layers and comfortable second layers underneath your water-and-wind-proof jacket. We love a sleeveless vest under a gortex shell, and woollen trousers.

Small but ultra important: don’t forget your beanie and neck warmer in your backpack. These can save your bacon on a ski safari. I usually throw in a second pair of gloves as well.

Essential accessories
Suffer from the cold? Hand warmers will be your best friend, along with a compactable down jacket. When skiing with us a swiss army knife with a bottle opener tool is always handy: there’s usually a bottle of good wine to be found amongst your guides’ backpacks. After all, a Swisskisafari is about more than just the snow. Pack all this along with high factor sunscreen, give your goggles and glasses a clean, wax your board or skis and you’re good to go.

For ski touring, you’ll need extra safety kit including a transceiver (check your batteries), a probe and shovel. On our guided ski trips in the Alps, we won’t leave the hotel without them.

And finally…first aid
A small first aid kit with simple things like bandaids, second skin and a disinfectant wipe along with aspirin and an energy bar can also be a saviour. And if you use the last two after an enthusiastic apres-ski, don’t forget to replace them…