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What is the ski safari difference

What’s the Swiss Ski Safari difference?

What’s the Swiss ski safari difference

Recently we were asked a couple of interesting questions and would like to share our answers with you. What’s the Swiss Ski Safari difference? After some pondering, we decided that our size is a major advantage. Staying small is essential. Also, living in the local community and speaking the language makes us different. Basing trips on a deep knowledge of the region is our forte, and taking the time to understand our clients so we can pay great attention to the details that matter: this is what separates us from the average travel provider.would like to share our answers with you

Unprecedented Freedom

The travel industry has undergone a massive shift over the last 10 years. We live in a world of options, choices, and unprecedented freedom. The result? Our clients are always looking for more, meaning our amazing challenge is to provide experiences with contradictory motives. On the one hand, security, belonging, predictability and safety and on the other adventure, exploration, novelty, change, and mystery.

The Swiss Ski Safari difference is what separates us from the average travel provider

It takes creativity and innovation to stay relevant and exciting and we do this by building our trips around our network, quality of service and attention to detail.

What are our core values?

Staying small and original is a part of the Swiss ski safari difference and is one of our core values.  We aim to always have the time to think about each person’s trip. This is important to us. Our ideas come from us and are based on our experiences in our region, which is what makes them original.  We plan our trips in a similar way to creating a film: setting every scene. Each guest’s time is precious so we filter out the ‘normal’ for them and find the best.

More than one country

Skiing or hiking more than one country is also crucial to our offering. We believe that a ski safari is our difference and that it is the most incredible way to explore the Alps, which is why we named the company after our original concept.

Off the beaten track

One of our priorities is to get you away from the crowds as much as possible. Skiing down a groomed run to crowded ski lift to go to another groomed run and another crowded ski lift is our idea of a nightmare. Especially when just a stone’s throw away is wilderness and freedom. Because we have the qualifications to do it, we take you away from the crowds.  Not to be confused with difficult skiing, heading off the beaten track is more about knowledge and a region that allows you to truly escape and explore in peace. And we tailor the route to suit your level.

If these snowy thoughts are tempting you to head over to the Alps this winter, get in touch.

Warm regards from the mountains

Swisskisafari team