Walking in the alps - Get in touch for a unique, luxury - walking trip in the Alps
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Walking in the Alps

Walking in the Alps – This summers alpine hiking

What a summer we are having walking in the Alps. Incredible weather is giving us these jaw-dropping views on unforgettable safaris with adventure-loving guests: we’ve never seen anything like it. For a taste of what we’ve been up to, have a look a our snapshots of the season, which include one ‘Three Countries in Three Days’ safari from Switzerland, into Italy and finishing in France. Another highlight was back in June when we found ourselves alone on spectacular hiking trails with these panoramas to ourselves. How? The early bird catches the worm. That’s what you get for knowing when to go where to walk in the Alps.

Walking in the Alps for perspective

Nothing beats five-star luxury at the end of a physically challenging mountain adventure, and our guests this summer have had a lot of both. Their feedback mostly agrees with the idea that learning to push your limits, in safety, takes you out of the daily grind and helps put home and work life into perspective. This rang most true after arriving safely back to base after being caught in a surprise summer storm at altitude: suddenly small domestic problems seemed insignificant.

Mother Nature pushes us to our limits

These sorts of walking trips are impossible to predict. We put in weeks of preparation to create the perfect itinerary for each hiking trip in the Alps, but Mother Nature often changes her mind at short notice, so we must accommodate weather changes and adjust the plan accordingly. This means last-minute alterations, and often our network is put to the test, as well as our intimate knowledge of the area and our skills as guides and travel planners. But these are the moments that we like the best as they often produce fantastic results. Mother Nature pushes us all to be the best: our guests as well as our team. Getting through an unexpected storm while walking in the Alps leaves you with a satisfaction like no other.

The Alps are for everyone

We’ve enjoyed the company of those from every walk of life. We’ve hosted everyone from vibrant families with children leading the drive to mature and truly inspiring mountain climbing couples. The mountains and walking in them offer a unique experience for everyone, as long as you are willing to leave your comfort zone and enjoy a luxury-walking trip in the Alps. We never thought summer would be as fun as winter, but this season is proving us wrong. Thank you to you all who have had the courage to put on your walking shoes and join us in the Alps. And the best part is this spectacular summer has not yet finished…

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Warm regards from the mountains.