Visit a Luxury Swiss Watchmaker - Swiss Ski Safari
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Visit a Luxury Swiss Watchmaker

While preparing our winter trips we also look at exclusive non-ski activities. Why not visit a luxury Swiss watchmaker. Last week I was lucky enough to spend a few hours immersed in the world of luxury precision watchmaking. This took place in the oldest watch making company on the planet, Geneva’s Vacheron Constantin.

Visit a luxury Swiss watchmaker and step into another world

Perfect for before or after a ski safari, to visit a Swiss watchmaker is to step into another world. This passionate industry is one of  beautiful, complex works of wrist art. Touring the workshop I witnessed excellence, precision and beauty. What a fascinating experience to witness. I mostly enjoyed seeing the process of timepieces being built and the detailed engraving of tailor-made orders. Top this off with hands on a selection of the finished products. Vacheron Constantin watches seem to have a magical personality and a constant theme running through them. I was not expecting to be seduced by this industry but seeing a part of this world opened my eyes to something spectacular.

Magic and mystery

Watchmaking is an iconic part of Swiss culture, so visiting a luxury Swiss watchmaker should be on your bucket list. I wanted to understand where this passion began and visiting Vacheron Constantin was an ideal starting point for appreciating this remarkable industry. I felt like Charlie in the chocolate factory. Yes, the product was a little more expensive than a bar of chocolate but the world was as magical and mysterious as Willy Wonka’s.

Your turn to visit a Swiss watchmaker

I originally visited while searching for more unique and interesting things to do before and after a ski safari. This is an exceptional experience of this side of Swiss culture. But beware: once you have been drawn into the spider web of watchmakers, you may find it difficult to escape…

We are planning our winter ski safaris now so get in touch if you are looking for something different this winter.


Warm regards from the mountains