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The Swisskisafari kit list

A big part of preparing for winter is choosing the products that we’d like our guests to use on our ski safaris. We know the kit will be in constant use, and relied upon in sometimes extreme conditions, so we need our guests to be confident and comfortable with their gear for each and every challenge. We are thrilled to be partnering with two new companies this year.

For us, partnering with kit providers means we have thoroughly tested their products and they match our demands technically and from a comfort perspective. Customer service also comes into play: we only partner with companies that share our passion for service. They need to have the same open mind, flexibility, curiosity about our guests and empathy to understand every need. This helps us choose the products best suited to our ski safari needs. After months of testing, we are happy to announce that we have found two perfect matches this season.

Zag skis

Produced in Chamonix and so far so excellent, tests of various models of Zag skis have all proved spectacular, and we are excited for our guests to test out these great skis for themselves in the upcoming months.

Osprey backpacks

For backpacks we have chosen Osprey this year. Versatility? Check. Comfort? Check. All those small details nobody else has thought of? Big check. These guys know exactly what intrepid mountain lovers need, from quick access to just the right volume, and of course, ergonomic design to avoid back ache after a long day at altitude.

So now we’ll get back to preparing your trips, and we look forward to seeing you again this winter, shiny new kit in tow.