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The Six Ps

Ski touring group

Taking the six Ps seriously

Originally a military expression, the phrase “Prior planning and preparation prevent piss poor performance” really hits home with us at the moment, while planning this winter’s new adventures. In fact, we take this one stage further, and actually prepare for our preparation.

Deep winter tread

The Alpine Skiing season is coming to a close, but winter still has a few more storm up her sleeve. Our heavy duty winter tyres keep us safe this time of year. With a competent driver, warm technical mountain clothes and boots in the car, as well as drinks and snacks, we were ready to take the weather on. When you’ve lived in the Alps for most of your life, travelling on icy mountain roads is easy with the correct equipment, and we have never needed snow chains in two decades.

Knowing your exit plan

Preparation is equally as crucial when on skis, such as last week when a guide and I were looking for the exit from a thickly forrested off-piste ski area. With a good plan, we know we can get out of tricky situations safely and effectively: something we were thankful for when looking down at the frozen river beside us, thinking  we didn’t want to investigate any closer.

New paths are forming

We get a tingle of excitement when the higher, already snowy mountain passes are closed off to cars, meaning we need to put our vehicles on the train that tunnels under the mountain to reach the other side. It’s these closed mountain passes that we’ll be skiing on when the time comes.

Planning this winter’s routes

We start exploring when it is too early to ski, but there is just enough snow to get a good feel for what we are looking for. New itineraries always require a few trips to scout the area, to find the routes that other people are not finding, to create the perfect combination of ski distance, charming villages, lovely open descents and interesting obstacles such as frozen rivers to cross, to create the perfect day.

A warm welcome

The hotel is very important too: its position, its welcome, its warming open fireplace. Our newest trip, set in picture-perfect surroundings, required tapping into the deep knowledge of a local guru guide and old friend. So now we’re excited to welcome our first guests of the season to witness the empty off piste, the steam train running through walls of snow, ski descents that finish literally at the bottom of the valley so that you can jump on the train to the next stop and ski from mountain top to mountain top.

Our new trip will be the ultimate combination of luxury, adventure and exploration set to a backdrop of spectacular fairytale scenery and traditional villages, the perfect Swiss experience.

Prior planning and preparation are essential, and somebody’s got to do it