The Original Ski Safari - Luxury Ski Safaris in the Alps: Swiss Ski Safari
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The original ski safari

Swisskisafari and our original ski safari concept has always been aimed at creating adventures off the beaten track, in the natural world to discover the remote and unpopulated areas of the Alps. In these times of Covid our goals of getting away from the crowds is really coming in handy.
The original ski safari concept was inspired into being 13 years ago. At that time, these words were not used in the industry. For me, however, it perfectly summed up the experiences that I wanted to create, and SwisSkiSafari was founded. 

People had laughed at our use of the word ‘safari’, questioning where all the Alpine giraffes and elephants were hiding. Fast forward a decade, and things have changed significantly.

The original ski safari – the birth of a new concept

The original ski safari and the birth of this concept resulted from an experience during an avalanche training course I had undertaken. Moving around the Alps during a 1-week intensive course, observing snow formations, each day had seen a different destination and each night was spent in a different hotel. The freedom of movement and the sheer amount of ground covered during that week started me thinking.

Spending each day on a ski safari, far from the groomed, manned ski runs and the crowds, on a pure, magical adventure amidst chamois and Alpine birds, had given the group a real sense of connection with nature. This is what a ski safari does – it takes you into the wild.

This was the beginning of SwisSkiSafari and SwissHikeSafari. The safari experience would entail taking groups into the wild, uncharted territory but unlike the intense mountain training, these trips would be coming home at night to luxurious accommodation. It would have tailor made days designed to match the activity level of each person and challenge the appetite of each group. Everyone would enjoy but still push themselves, and leave feeling a new sense of satisfaction.

SwisSkiSafari: the original ski safari boundary-pushers

Ski safari was born in the form of SwisSkiSafari. We decided that the trips needed to tick the following boxes:

1. An original ski safari needs to be a safari in the sense that it extracts its participants from the man-made world, and transfers them into the true wilderness.

2. Much like an African safari it is guided and run by qualified, expert guides who have in-depth knowledge of the terrain, its dangers and how to make the most of any weather conditions. You shouldn’t drive out into a lion-filled savannah on your own, nor should you ski or hike an unknown mountainside without an experienced professional guiding you.

3. An original ski safari requires luxury accommodations at the end of the day, drawn from an unrivalled network of the best hotel and restaurant addresses in the Alps.

4. In-depth understanding of the environment, information on the opening and closing of roads, and knowledge of the most efficient way from A to B via cleverly chosen routes through the Alps.

And of course we decided to top this off with the most qualified and experienced mountain guides, helicopter pilots and trip planners who live in the Alps. This combination of specialists is what makes every ski safari completely unique.

Whether you’re looking for a ski touring extravaganza, the snowboarding expedition of a lifetime, a week of heli drops with never-ending descents, a sojourn away from the tourist crowds, or hiking through flowering pastures and ancient villages, SwisSkiSafari can arrange it for you. Ski and hike safari experiences require specialised knowledge, not only to ensure safety but to make sure you enjoy the best Alpine conditions. And who better to rely on than a team that has lived and worked in the area its whole life?

Being local means we are well connected, we are on the ground and we are wide awake. Being able to open doors where no-one else can, we are the rule makers, the snow forecasters, the boundary-pushers and the original ski safari company.

If you’re looking for the original ski safari, a unique, private ski or hike safari mountain experience where the world can’t find you, look no further. Swiss Ski Safari is your answer. Get in touch and we’ll take you on an unforgettable holiday in the Alps!