The best heli-snowboarding descents in the Alps - Swiss Ski Safari
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The best heli-snowboarding descents in the Alps

To get the best heli-snowboarding descents you first need to understand the different challenges heli-snowboarders face compared to skiers. In our last blog we outlined some of the differences for each sport.

Choose a heli-snowboarding descent that is adapted to snowboarders

Following on from the last article, this is not as easy as it sounds. Most snowboarders will understand my next comment. Skiers do not think about this because they have never felt the pain. It takes a snowboarder to be able to look at the terrain and understand the challenge. I have even snowboarded with ex snowboarders who are now on skis that have completely forgotten what this is like.

Snowboarders recognize the best heli-snowboarding descents

Having a fellow snowboarder contributing to route planning is helpful. Knowing the descent from the point of view of a snowboarder is imperative. Having the flexibility on your trip to choose different areas to heli-snowboard in the Alps is key.

Heli-board in multiple countries on one trip

The best Heli-snowboarding descents will depend on not only the geography of the mountain but also the snow state. The hardness of the snow, sections of ice and windblown areas will all contribute to the quality of the descent. To find the best conditions, plan to visit more than one country. Yes, this makes the logistics harder, but with good knowledge of the local conditions you’re more likely to find the best heli-snowboarding descents this way.

Local knowledge is key for finding the best heli-snowboard descents

Each country and each valley in the Alps have thier own micro climate. The mountains between Italy, Switzerland and France are the highest in this area of Europe. This means that each area will receive different snowfall levels with differing wind patterns.

Find the best heli-snowboarding descents with a group of a similar level

The geography combined with the skill level of your group will dictate where you choose to heli-snowboard. Heli-snowboarding is an expensive activity for most of us. Just one member of the group not snowboarding up to your level may mean that you are not be able to enjoy the descents you’re aiming for. Get a group together who have the same snowboarding and fitness levels for the best chance of a life-changing heli-snowboarding experience.

Heli-snowboarders are tough

Taking the above paragraph into consideration I need to add that I have noticed that all the snowboarders that I have heli-snowboarded with are tough. They don’t complain and are used to suffering more than skiers. Perhaps it is the added physical exertion of being on a snowboard which makes it so satisfying. But do yourself a favour: prepare well and try to find someone who can identify heli-descents with snowboarders in mind.

For your next trip, if you are looking to find the best heli-snowboarding descents in the Alps, look no further.  We would be delighted to help you.

Warm regards from the mountains,