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The 2.9 Mile High Club

It’s easy to make a molehill out of a mountain. Anyone who’s skied has done it: summiting a snowy peak in minutes in a ski lift, before bombing down in seconds with two glass fibre friends strapped to your feet. The crisp, clear air… the awesome views… the slightly blurry plastic lift window blocking your photo opportunity.

To get really intimate with a mountain, (and we mean really), head out to the European Alps in summer and hike. With guides, ropes, crampons, the whole caboodle. Walk the green valleys of Courmayeur, manouver the tumbling glacier of the Mer de Glace and the world-famous peak, the Mont Blanc. Unconvinced? Take the luxurious seven day test. We’re talking charming 14th century hotels, bubbly Italian hospitality, and expert guidance on everything from ice axes to aperitifs.

Wake up to the sight of Europe’s highest mountains, and let your guide walk you through alpine pastures and traditional villages before hitting the glaciers and snowy peaks. Train with ropes, slide down a crevasse (safely, of course) and listen to the popping sound of the ice around you shifting. And if you’re up for the ultimate challenge, summiting Mont Blanc as the grand finale is a must. Not only will you push yourself and come home hugely satisfied, but you’ll learn a new respect for mountains which will never leave you. Ever.

Forget mind-blowing, climbing Mont Blanc is absolutely mind-clearing. Focusing on every step, every breath, every second of making it to the top is so far away from your normal daily routine that you’ll practically forget your own name. As your crampon-encrusted boots crush the two-foot deep snow beneath them, and you look up to see the highest point you’ve ever reached outside of an aeroplane just metres away, nothing else matters.

Earlier this month, we planned a trip for good friend of ours to climb the Mont Blanc in the French/Italian Alps. At 15,782 ft, or 2.9 miles (depending on the thickness of its snow cap) it’s the highest mountain in Western Europe. Impressive. Before they left, we outwardly admired their ambition, but inwardly wondered what motivated them. When they returned, they explained it all.

“Two smashed and exhausted but elated guys just finished their ascent and descent and are safe and well…for both of us this was the most physically and mentally challenging thing we’ve done”.

They described the climb as “not with our bodies, which were finished long ago but with our minds. There is something truly wonderful about being able to think about nothing else in the world but where you will put your next step and the mountain and conditions allow you nothing else…you are forced to be completely in the moment”.

This sums it up for us, and we’re now convinced. Planning another right now in fact, trying to imagine what it must feel like to only have birds for company. If you’re interested in being completely mind-cleared and physically challenged like never before, get in touch. We will create a luxurious week-long hiking experience for you, where you will learn to appreciate a mountain for what it is. A magnificent mountain. No molehill mentality required.

To plan an unforgettable trip, contact us today!