Born in French-speaking Switzerland near Lake Geneva, Roland dreamed of flying as a boy, and progressed from planes at 18 to obtaining his helicopter pilots licence at 20. He is now a helicopter flight instructor and designated flight examiner, which means he’s authorized to certify pilots as private or commercial aviators.

He has worked and taught his profession in the United States, Pakistan and Africa. And now, having flown the European Alps for over 30 years, notching up over 10,000 flying hours, his knowledge of the region is unrivalled.

There are 47 spots in the Swiss Alps where you can heli-ski, and he has flown all of them many times. He flies a Eurocopter Ecureuil B3, one of the world’s most powerful helicopters and the only type to have landed on the summit of Mt Everest. He loves the variety and excitement of his job, and Roland understands the thrills SwisSkiSafari clients are seeking. “The Alps”, he says, “offer the best heli-skiopportunities because with each drop off point there are many ski options available that can suit any level of skier, not just powder specialists.”