Danielle -Stynes-Founder



Founder, expedition leader and creative lead of SwisSkiSafari, Danielle Stynes is an Australian-born adventurer creating luxury, tailor-made alpine experiences for private groups. After living and working all over the world, her fascination for unique luxury adventure travel led her to the European Alps more than 20 years ago. Danielle is a certified snowboard instructor, ski monitor and scuba diving instructor.

Constantly innovating to give SwisSkiSafari the edge on producing authentic Alpine adventures, Danielle has built up an unrivalled network of top mountain experts. Every guide and helicopter pilot in the team lives and has trained in the region, and brings their creative flair and attention to detail to every trip. This makes every safari on the cutting edge of what is the very best in the region. These alpine gurus allow Danielle to open doors for her guests which no-one else can. As well as this, Danielle’s love of nature, European history and culture add a distinctive depth to every SwisSkisafari experience.

Using her intimate local knowledge and network, Danielle has arranged everything from magical moments for marriage proposals to James Bond themed 40th birthday parties complete with armed henchmen, casino nights, and slap-up meals in an oligarch’s lair. In short, she believes that “those who say it cannot be done shouldn’t interrupt those who are doing it”.