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Summer’s Coming (Finally)

Danielle has joined a local running club. But not any old running club, this high altitude pack of long-limbed adventurers run through Alpine trails under the snowy peaks of the Italian Alps. Why? Danielle is looking for new hiking routes for this summer’s expeditions. Alpine hiking routes that involve hearty lunches in hidden spots which only the locals know about, no less.

This week the family running a rustic mountain eaterie had a real laugh at the expense of the latecomers who arrived three hours late for lunch after missing an unmarked turn in the valley. But what amazing routes Danielle has found. If you’re interested in a gastronomic hiking tour of the Alps this summer, contact us… and don’t worry, Danielle swears she would never ask anyone to run it themselves. Contact us today to learn more about heli-hiking in the Alps.