Wellness Retreat

 A unique luxury, wellness retreat meet the mountains

Is it time to take a step back and examine your lifestyle choices? Diet, exercise, alcohol consumption… how are you feeling in general? Many people have aches and pains, bloating, sluggish digestion or just do not feel good with no idea why.

These wellness retreats, focusing on luxury, detox and hiking will get your body back on track.


Wellness and hiking meet unique cuisine

Our approach to a luxury wellness retreat is different

Most of us need help identifying which foods work for us and, more importantly, which foods don’t. With non-invasive tests informing personalized diet and lifestyle guidelines we can help you improve your health. This week spent eating well and exploring the wilderness will be a pleasure and a revelation.

All meals on our wellness retreats with a focus on detox are prepared by a 2 Michelin star chef. With natural ingredients sourced from the local environment, these inspiring creations are delicious, balanced and nutritious. We want you to feel better for the long term, inside and out and we will teach you how to do this while hiking the stunning Swiss Alps. This is a luxury wellness retreat unlike any other.


Small and personal wellness retreat

The week begins with full diagnostic tests

With just six people in each group, it is easy for our doctor to get to know you.  A series of questions and diagnostic tests will work out what’s putting stress on your body. Viruses, bacteria and fungus will be recognized and measured, and your intestinal flora balance will be analyzed. Your test results will indicate what you need for the week and beyond. We will arm you with dietary information, identifying foods that might not agree with you and recommending ways to combat that.

Get back in touch with nature as you become back in touch with yourself