Luxury Wellness Hiking Safari

It is time to take stock

For those aged between 45-55 now is the critical time to take stock. Why not address this with a getaway focusing on you with a luxury wellness hiking safari? Now is the time to prevent chronic disease and give yourself the gift of knowledge. Get your body back on track to enjoy the best years of your life. For those a little younger, this is the time to get in touch and get ahead with deeper knowledge for a healthy lifestyle. These week-long trips will leave you with a great sense of achievement.

Get your body back on track

We will help you apply this new knowledge for a nutrition shift

This detox hiking safari will help you clean out your system and better understand what your body needs. We find that people automatically lose weight, even though our program is not about calorie counting. You will simply have more energy and sleep better, as you did years ago. And throughout the week we apply our secret ingredient: opening doors to the secrets of the mountain. You will explore unknown mountain paths, authentic rustic mountain cabins, and really head off the beaten track.


You focus on unwinding and we focus on you

On these luxury wellness hiking safaris, we do the hard work

Your personalized diet will be combined with daily hikes across the stunning Swiss Alps and detoxifying massages. Think of it as a gift to yourself: a week to focus on you with a holistic approach to your health and state of mind. Time spent being active in nature has been proven to improve mood, so what have you got to lose?




Experts dedicated to you

We have designed these luxury wellness hiking safaris to suit you

Our doctor specialising in bioresonance, nutrition and allergies will find out what’s missing from your diet, as well as any energy blockages you may have.  A diagnosis will work out what’s putting stress on your body.  You will undergo five treatments per week combined with lymphatic drainage massages. We will provide you with infusions, detox smoothies and meals prepared by a Michelin starred chef, combined with daily hikes to get your body and mind back on track.



Stylish mountain stay

Your Luxury detox hiking safari takes place in a stunning mountain chalet

The setting will help you see your body reset from a different perspective. This magnificent experience will combine luxury rooms and suites with stunning Alpine views. Delicious meals will be prepared from local produce by a skilled chef. Exciting hikes in nature across the Alps will be combined with a personalised diagnosis, all designed to get you looking and feeling the best you have ever felt. This is your chance for a full body unwind and rewind to discover what you need to get back on track.



Join us on a luxury wellness hiking safari to discover what you need to get back on track

This experience can either be arranged for a private group of friends and family, or individuals can join other like-minded people on one of our Luxury detox hiking safaris taking place in Summer 2020.  We have a maximum of 6 on each trip.

A luxury wellness and detox hiking safari will unlock youthful energy and leave you with the tools to look after yourself inside and out for years to come