Luxury Mountain Bike Vacations and Guided Tours in the European Alps

Our luxury mountain bike vacations follow our tried and tested safari recipe

Get on your bike and get out into nature. Our luxury mountain bike vacations extract you from the man-made world and transfer you into true wilderness. Our mix of unique and luxurious while escaping the beaten track on guided trips works. Think high altitude paths and seriously stunning backdrops. You will ride from village to village on alpine trails with luxurious hotels at the end of the day. It’s important to soothe aching muscles after an exhilarating bike ride, so why not hit a stylish hot tub? We want to inspire, revitalize and help each guest leave our mountains with a new outlook.

Privately guided mountain biking safari, its time to get out in nature

It is important to choose the correct biking trail in this environment

On a small single track one error can be disastrous. Choosing a route for biking in the Alps requires careful planning and in-depth knowledge of the region. Living and biking in the region gives us the upper hand, as does knowing the state of the trails. We closely monitor the opening and closing of roads and trails and always know the most efficient way from A to B.



Discover your limits

By choosing the luxury mountain bike vacation or e-biking vacation that suits you

We love e-biking as it gives more people the opportunity to enjoy nature, get some exercise and inhale fresh mountain air. Enjoy an active vacation instead of a passive one. E-biking makes it possible to join your partner who prefers a traditional mountain bike, allowing both of you to cover more terrain. What ever your level we can design the perfect trip for you.



Mountain bikers love the European Alps

The Alps are one of the most impressively beautiful places to ride in the world.

With a trip tailored to your needs and level, we can create your ultimate biking adventure in the Alps. These trips are designed specifically for you. It may be an introduction to biking. A trip to teach you the basics needed to progress to the next level or  an advanced trip to challenge your skills.

Contact SwisSkiSafari for a luxury guided mountain biking itinerary designed for you.




On a guided mountian biking trip in the Alps, we want to inspire, revitalise and help each guest leave our mountains with a new outlook. Contact us to discover our unique process and start planning your next biking adventure.

Each fresh peak ascended teaches something