Guided Mountain Biking Vacations

The Alps is a paradise for mountain biking and electric biking

Whether you’re looking for an adrenalin-fueled adventure or a new relaxing way to explore the Alps, guided mountain biking vacations are a fun and fast-paced assault on the senses.

We believe that a mountain biking trip should not compromise on luxury. The mix of unique and luxurious while escaping the beaten track works.


Mountain biking lends itself to our nature, a safari

Why ride one country when you can ride three?

With us, you will ride from place to place and country to country, meeting your bags at your next destination. From single-track paths to wide, meandering trails with seriously stunning backdrops, the European Alps make an impressive luxury mountain biking destination. We love e-biking too as it gives more people the opportunity to enjoy nature, get some exercise and inhale fresh mountain air.


Guided mountain biking vacations should be heart pumping and safe

Mountain biking with a difference

Our guides know the length of each route and how long each mountain biking climb should take. We have factored in convenient places to refuel, as well as any shortcuts needed if the weather turns. These trips are designed specifically for you. Your guide will determine which route is best given your own level of fitness and your goals. It’s our objective to create an experience that’s challenging, rewarding and deeply satisfying.

With a trip tailored to your needs and level, we can create your ultimate biking adventure in the Alps. Contact SwisSkiSafari

Life is better on a mountain bike