Guided Hiking Vacations in the Alps

Our commitment to you on your hiking vacation

With every tailor made hiking vacation we aim to stray from the beaten path and seek out places that reveal both nature and its people for an unforgettable and authentic mountain experience. Challenge your mind and body on a guided hiking trip in the Alps. These trips deliver stunning alpine scenery, with a touch of luxury. Tell us what you would like to see, where you would like to go and what you want to achieve. We then get to work, designing the perfect mountain hiking safari for you complete with world-class guides, hidden local eateries and the crème de la crème of Alpine accommodation to suit your style.

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Discover your limits

Guided hiking vacations are designed for you to experience the extraordinary. Put your trust in the safe hands of our experts

Let us help you forge your own path this summer hiking mountains across Italy, Switzerland, and France.

Whether you’re looking for a relaxing meander through flowering pastures and ancient villages or an adrenaline-packed high mountain hiking adventure, each off-the-beaten-track luxury hiking trip in the Alps will be personalised for you.

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A week of mountain hiking through three countries

These trips are for people who want something unique

 Our guided hiking vacations involve the oldest alpine routes between Switzerland, Italy and France. Crossing three country borders, you will go from village to village. Immerse yourself in centuries-old mountain culture and explore majestic glaciers in complete safety with your guide. Gaze at the beauty of the Matterhorn in Switzerland, or the Mont Blanc in France and the surrounding 4,000 meter-high peaks. Sleep in restored century-old hotels and authentic mountain refuges. You will learn about the historical routes beneath your feet from locals in restaurants steeped in history. These luxury mountain hiking trips will guide you through nature, history, and modern mountain culture.

there is something truly wonderful about being able to think about nothing else in the world but where you will put your next step and the mountain and conditions allow you nothing else