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Summer holidays in the Alps

Alternative sun: summer holidays in the Alps

Our minds are focusing on summer holidays in the Alps

Looking back, it seems strange that an alpine summer holiday was not in Swisskisafari’s original plan. But once the dark days of winter start lengthening, we find the thought of a summer holiday combining nature, fresh air, and a satisfying physical challenge in the Alps hugely appealing.

Taken from a thought-provoking Ted Talk this week, this comment made us think about work… and then about play. More specifically, time off. Telling a friend about your summer holiday, would you rather say, “I got a tan which will fade soon”, or “I had one of the most incredible experiences of my life, this years summer holiday gave me faith in my abilities and a brand new outlook”?

Summer hiking holidays

For some, it may well be climbing a mountain, but for others, simply hiking through untouched mountain wilderness with not a person, building or man made structure in sight will be enough. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to feel moved by your achievements. And that positive emotion is what we, through our summer holidays in the Alps, want to help you find.

This summer forge your own path

Put on your backpack, follow our local guides and forge your own path on your summer holiday. You will find that only a short distance from the queues and crowds you can find peaceful solitude and the authentic Alps. This week we were delighted to visit a cabin at 3000 meters, where a young lady who we remember as a tiny little snowboarder greeted us with a warm hug. Now she is working a summer in the cabin: all part of the culture of growing up in the Alps.

The climb up to this cabin is lovely, through cow pastures above the tree line and around mountain lakes on small grassy trails that tail up to 3000 meters. At the cabin, the only other arrivals that you will see are other locals, a pleasant reassurance that you are off the tourist treadmill. This hike is not technical but very rewarding. Watch the light play amongst the twenty 4000m mountains stretched out before you including the Bishorn, the Weisshorn, Obergablehorn, Dent blanche, Pigne d’Arolla and the mighty Mont Blanc.

It is comforting to know that the magic of the Alps still exists in small, charming locations. To show you the essence of the Alps, its culture and communities, we want to help you push your own personal boundaries on your summer holiday and forge your own path. You’ll end up meeting real people and enjoying real experiences in your own corner of the Alps, miles from the bustling crowds.

A recent summer hiking guest put into words what we hope every Swisskisafari guest will feel after a summer holiday in the Alps with us:

Thanks again for a great time in your beautiful mountains. What an adventure we had with you.  Thank you for taking such good care of us, challenging us and exposing us to some of the many treasures of Switzerland and Italy.  It was a great experience! – Anne

Alpine hiking ambitions

So if you’re looking for a different kind of sun on your summer holiday, get intouch. We will do our best to define your Alpine ambitions with our take on a unique, luxury summer holiday in the Alps.

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Warm regards from the mountains,