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summer hiking trip in the alps swisskisafari

How to organize a summer hiking trip in the Alps

A summer hiking trip in the Alps is one of the things many hikers have on their bucket list. The Alps are a deliciously varied environment to hike in. You can start by ambling at low altitudes and finish by summiting wonderful 4000 meter peaks, fueled by sumptuous local delicacies enjoyed in atmospheric surroundings. The Alpine hiking region is also the most challenging environment in which to plan a smooth, safe and perfectly executed holiday.

What you need when planning a summer hiking trip in the Alps

The main factors that need to be considered for hiking in the Alps that are specific to our region, are the microclimate and weather patterns between Italy, Switzerland, and France. From Le Mont Blanc to the Matterhorn, hikers can take advantage of a vast range of weather conditions with the right guide.

Snow quantity on tricky mountain passes and border crossings also need to be planned for, as well as routes that cross glaciers. You may need crampons for safety. This is particularly relevant on sections of the famous Haute Route. Up-to-date information on snow and trail conditions is essential for choosing the safest path. We hike these paths before and after you arrive, to ensure your safety.

And finally, the most important factor is you. What do you like? Have you hiked before? What level of difficulty are you looking for, during your summer hiking holiday in the Alps? Once you are clear on what you want, an ideal hiking trip can be planned for you.

Your holiday in the Alps is not just about the mountains

Hiking in summer is only part of the charm of this region, where Italy, France and Switzerland touch each other. It would be a shame to not sample the best food, boutique accommodation, unique architecture, wonderful villages, local hangouts and the little-known restaurants with no tourists in sight. The unique shopping for a present that can’t be found elsewhere, the surprise bottle of champagne at the top of a tough hike, the best mountain gear shop with a secret stash of just what you were looking for. This is what you should expect of your summer hiking trip in the Alps.

Hiking in the Alps is best with a qualified mountain guide

Local qualified mountain guides will keep you safe in any situation and give your trip greater flexibility, so you can change your plan to suit the weather. These fearless leaders are qualified to safely take you to places that you would otherwise have been unable to visit on your own. This is important: if you don’t have a lot of time, and you want your trip to be the best that it can be, then you need the company of qualified experts.

Plan ahead for your hiking trip in the Alps

Finally, there should be no question of falling upon an average restaurant, a busy trail or old and tired generic hotels on your holiday. Your time is precious, this region has it all, and nothing about your trip should be left to chance.

Careful planning, a tailor-made itinerary, a private guide and an adventure designed exclusively for you is the way to go. There need to be back-up plans for bad weather, a balance of experiences and big personalities for you to meet along the way. Time, know-how, a local network and regional expertise make all the difference between a great trip and a spectacular one.

This is our home and we would be delighted to share the hidden gems of these regions with you. Just remember, “Someday we will not be able to do this, but today is not that day”.

Let us know how we can help you better plan your summer hiking trip in the Alps. Everyone who travels with us becomes part of the SwisSkiSafari family.

Warm regards from the mountains,