Spread Across the Heart of Europe | Luxury Hiking Vacations
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Spread Across the Heart of Europe

Luxury Hiking Vacations

…the Alps stretch for thousands of miles, yet I am always surprised to see people all flocking to the same summits. Why is that? At this time of year, hikers in their brand new gear form queues before dawn for the first cable car, and the few well known huts are overflowing.

At times like this I like to take some time out just for me, put on my backpack and follow a new suggestion from a local. It is reassuring to forge your own path and find that only a short distance from the queues and the crowds you can find peaceful solitude and the authentic Alps.

This week I was delighted to visit a cabin at 3000 meters, where I was greeted with a warm hug by a young lady who I remember as a tiny little snowboarder following closely in my tracks in the powder snow together. Now she is working a summer in the cabin: all part of the culture of growing up in the Alps.

Hiking up to the cabin, besides a few cows and two hikers from the other side of the valley, I was alone. The hike was well worth it. From the final perch at 3000m I quietly sat and watched the light play amongst the twenty 4000m mountains stretched out before me including the Bishorn, the Weisshorn, Obergablehorn, Dent blanche, Pigne d’Arolla and the mighty Mont Blanc.

The climb up to this cabin was lovely, through cow pastures above the tree line and around mountain lakes on small grassy trails that tail up to 3000 meters. At the cabin, the only other arrivals I saw that day were other locals that I knew, a pleasant reassurance I was off the tourist treadmill.

It is comforting to know that the magic of the Alps still exists in small, charming locations. To protect the essence of the Alps, its culture and communities, we want to help you push your own personal boundaries and forge your own path. You’ll end up meeting real people and enjoying real experiences in your own corner of the Alps, miles from the bustling crowds.

Bookings are coming in thick and fast for December, January and February. Don’t miss your own tailor-made ski experience away from the crowds. Get in touch.