Skiing Zermatt - 5 things to know - Swiss Ski Safari
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Skiing Zermatt, 5 things to know

Skiing Zermatt – 5 things to know

Skiing Zermatt, what’s so special?

Last week’s pre-season visit reminded me why skiing Zermatt is so special. Even after 30 years, the Matterhorn still takes my breath away. While this craggy peak can be seen from the neighbouring resort of Breuil Cervinia, we prefer to get up close from Switzerland’s Schwarzsee side. But this has to include regular stops to keep looking up at this majestic mountain. It may not be the highest in Switzerland but it is perhaps the most iconic.

Ride higher than ever while skiing Zermatt

We also checked out the new Glacier Paradise cable car, which is impressive. Huge windows with panoramic views? Check. Heated seats? Check. Cars with glass floors? Check. It is the highest cable car in Europe, reaching 3,883 meters altitude, and it can literally leave your head spinning. For some, this dramatic rise in altitude can leave you with a breathtaking feeling. So take your time at the top to adjust to the altitude. Being the highest point in the ski station, it is often much cooler here and exposed to the wind. Put on that extra layer before skiing to Zermatt’s lower areas.

Ski directly into your hotel

This time, I stayed at a hotel above the village. While this may not be ideal for exploring Zermatt village by night, it is relaxing, quiet and puts a whole different perspective on your stay. Skiing Zermatt this way means that you literally ski into the hotel at the end of your ski safari day. If you’re looking for peace and quiet or a romantic getaway I can highly recommend this option. To learn more about skiing in Europe, check out our blog on Luxury skiing in Europe.

Ski Swiss, dine Italian

A lunch in Italy is a must when skiing Zermatt. The difference between the two countries is astonishing. The wine, the food, the welcome, the décor and the ambiance all tell you that you have skied across the border even if you did not see it. It is refreshing to be greeted in Italian and eat specialties that you will not find on the Swiss side.

For the best Zermatt skiing experience include all the elements

Skiing Zermatt should be on your bucket list even if you only do it once. But make that one experience count. Pay attention to the details: the right hotel, the right view, the best skiing, unusual descents, and authentic restaurants. It’s easy to fall into the busy touristy areas. The magic comes when you are alone on the mountain with the time to take a breath, focus on your descent and enjoy the silence of this wonderful wilderness. Don’t confuse this with difficult skiing: Zermatt skiing is accessible to everyone, it just takes a little planning to get away from the crowds and ensure the magic happens.

So, do your next Zermatt visit justice. Let us plan it and guide you: we want to share the magical emotion of wilderness skiing with you.

Warm regards from the mountains.