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Snowboard safari: perfect powder

Snowboarding trips in the Alps designed just for you

The more difficult your snowboard safari request, the more challenging and exciting our job becomes. For the Swisskisafari team, it feels like a gift to need to always think out of the box. Whether you’re looking for adventure, speed, stunning mountain vistas or untouched powder, our master guides can help you find snowboarding paradise in the European Alps.

Snow Boarding in Europe

We “tailor each trip to each individual”

Each mountain adventure is tailored to you

It will be an unforgettable, once-in-a-lifetime experience which leaves you feeling as though you have achieved something amazing. For some, it may well be climbing to that next peak for an unforgettable descent, but for others, simply cruising through untouched powder snow on snowboard with not a person, building or ski lift in sight will be enough. You don’t have to climb Mount Everest to feel moved by your achievements. And that positive emotion is what we, through our snowboard  safaris, want to help you find.



Something you never knew you wanted

Nothing beats a good surprise

An astonishing personal touch, an unexpected activity, view, meal or dash of luxury can really bring a trip together.

This sort of inspiration comes from years of experience with inspired snowboarders looking for the next challenge.



snowboarding in Europe

We design your snowboarding trip in the Alps based entirely upon your own preferences, skill level, and desires. Our network of local experts will see to your every need, from transportation to luxury accommodations, inspired evening activities, fine dining, top-notch pampering and more.

Those who think it is impossible should not interfere with those who are doing it