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Snowboard Safari: Perfect Powder

Alpine Snowboarding Trips Designed Just for You

The more difficult your snowboard safari request the more challenged and exciting our job becomes. It feels like a gift to need to always think out of the box. Whether you’re looking for adventure, speed, stunning mountain vistas, or untouched powder, our master guides can help you find snowboarding paradise in the European Alps.


It helps us to put ourselves in the place of you and try to look at things the way you might see it. To try and capture the perfect place for the perfect sunset so that we can share the magic moments of this area that we sometimes take for granted.

It is these little things that we always plan into your trip planning that hopefully produces the magic results that we are looking for to share with you.

It can be as simple as that perfect hot chocolate in the right place at the right time. It may look simple but there has always been thought put into so that it looks like it was just meant to be there as planned. This sort of inspiration comes from the people that we know, the locals and of course the motivation from working with inspired snowboarders looking for the next challenge



Heli Boarding in Europe

So if you are looking to break boundaries, take on a new challenge, and be safe in the knowledge that you are on a snowboarding safari to explore the Alps with Europe’s best this winter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We design your Alpine snowboarding trip based entirely upon your own preferences, skill level, and desires. Our network of local experts will see to your every need: from transportation to luxury accommodations.

Those who think it is impossible should not interfere with those who are doing it