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Snowboard Safari

Alpine snowboarding trips far from the beaten track

Snowboarders are already more adventurous and looking for the beyond- ordinary experiences. They want to visit places that are far from the beaten track.

This wild environment teaches you to investigate a little further afield and find that undiscovered spot which had never been snowboarded before. However we do not believe that you need to sacrifice comfort or safety for incredible and unique experiences. You are on holiday after all! Our quest is for you to embark on a journey that will transform you and allow you to connect better with the world, nature and people. Putting a little physical effort in to this just adds to the satisfaction as well as enabling you to come back with a tale to tell. There is no better environment for this combination of experiences than the European Alps. An Alpine snowboarding trip can help you break away from the ordinary and discover exhilarating adventure.

Luxury Snowboarding Trip
Hotel Pool

Mountain Junkies

We are an enthusiastic bunch. Every one of us is a mountain junkie, and we are obsessed with finding the potential for what’s out there on the mountain for you. We have all dedicated our lives to experiencing the Alps – it’s so crucial that this excitement bursts through in every snowboard safari that we plan. We genuinely get excited about every trip we arrange and welcome you as if you are old friends.

We start by getting to know you, finding out what your snowboarding experience is and what your objectives are for the trip. We then come back to you with an individual itinerary. We put it all together, confirm and prepay all the arrangements, you can sit back until you arrive.

Heli Boarding in the Alps

Escape the Ordinary with a Custom European Snowboarding Trip

Swisskisafari snowboard safari will break away from anything you have done on the mountain before. We want you to understand how incredible this experience can be – it’s so much more than a ski guide and a luxury hotel, it could be life-changing.

Adventure is worthwhile in itself.