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Ski Safari

Explore Uncharted Territories with a Powder Ski Trip in Europe

When you ski with us you have gone to the next level. This is the level where it is not important what you look like on skis but what is important is that you can get to the end of the descent comfortably and in safety. Having the right guide when skiing in the Alps can make all the difference. Interested in the best powder skiing in Switzerland? We can get you there.

Cross Country Skiing in the Alps


If you are a really good skier looking for a new challenge, why not try ski-touring? These exhilarating alpine adventures combine off piste skiing and world-class ski touring. Ski touring in the European Alps allows you to discover stunning untouched peaks and deserted descents, while using different disciplines. These trips teach you the basics needed to ski uncharted territory and the ability to progress to the next level. Each of these skills requires a little experience, some athletic ability, and a touch of technical knowledge to maintain safety. They cannot be attempted alone, which is where our fully qualified guides come in.



Safety and fun first

We find the European attitude extremely refreshing. It’s assumed that you know how to ski and now it is time to take what you have learnt over the years and put it into practice. It should feel as though all of those years on the slopes were leading up to this. It’s not about telling you what to do – more about learning what the mountain have to offer, its dangers and how to avoid them. And then getting on and doing it. Each person on these trips will have their way of enjoying it – we simply help guide you to the right places and give you the tools that you need to enjoy the experience. You’re sharing in a unique experience as individuals and learning about what the mountains really have to offer in the parts that are not domesticated by snow machines and ski lifts. Skiing trips in Europe should be magical and challenging, and we’re here to ensure both qualities.



Powder Skiing in Europe

Skiing the Alpine wilderness is a purely unforgettable experience. You’ll be challenged and impressed by the landscape while feeling the rush that only the best European powder skiing can create. Each night after you return from the slopes, you’ll have a chance to unwind with the best accommodations, food, drink, shopping, and cultural experiences that the Alps have to offer. If you;d like to start building your trip, contact us today.

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