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 Something you never knew you wanted: guided hiking trips in the Alps

These luxury hiking trips in the Alps are designed as an introduction to alpinism. Alpinism is not just an escape, is a progressive sport, a passion that takes hold. And it will certainly help you see the world from a different perspective.


Discover your limits

Mountaineering in Europe is no longer simply trying to reach the top of un-touched peaks, it has evolved into different disciplines including rock-craft, climbing, tackling snow and ice. Each of these requires experience, athletic ability, and technical knowledge to maintain safety. They cannot be attempted alone. These trips are designed specifically for you as an introduction to Alpinism, teaching you the basics needed to climb 4000 meter high mountains and the ability to progress to the next level. You will be taught by the best, and hear fascinating stories along the way.



Our hiking trips are small and personal. We get to know you.

Hiking in the Alps is a time honoured tradition in Europe. The physical challenge, mountain air and views create a unique atmosphere that’s unlike anywhere in the world. There are pristine hiking routes for most levels of physical ability, and your guide will determine which one is best given your own level of fitness and your goals. It’s our objective to create an experience that’s challenging, rewarding, and deeply satisfying.



Trekking in the Alps

Exploring the Alps on foot as part of our guided hiking trips will be a challenging & fulfilling experience. Our master guides know the mountains extremely well, and will reveal incredible views, breathtaking environments, and little-known routes that will make your trip unforgettable. We design each hike safari from the ground up for each individual client, and no two safaris are alike. Contact us to discover our unique process and start planning your mountain adventure.

Each fresh peak ascended teaches something