High End Heli Boarding Switzerland | Luxury Heli-Boarding in Europe
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High altitude attitude

Heli Boarding in Europe will leave you speechless

This expertise, combined with a highly experienced local heli pilot whisking you to each designated spot means you’ll be the first at the peak when the cloud breaks to reveal that picture-perfect mountainside.


Finding the sweet spot

Snowboarders are already adventurous and looking for the beyond- ordinary experiences.

They want to visit places that are far from the beaten track. This wild environment teaches you to investigate a little further afield and find that undiscovered spot which has never been snowboarded before. However, we do not believe that you need to sacrifice comfort or safety for incredible and unique experiences. Our quest is for you to embark on a journey that will transform you and allow you to connect better with the world, nature and people. Putting a little physical effort in to this just adds to the satisfaction as well as enabling you to come back with a tale to tell. There is no better environment for this combination of experiences than the European Alps. A snowboarding trip in the Alps can help you break away from the ordinary and discover exhilarating adventure.



Tempted to try?

Looking for a something different, challenging and rewarding this winter season?

SwisSkiSafari will help you find the snowboarding sweet spot you’ve always wanted. Tear through Alpine powder across three different countries while experiencing the absolute best snow that Europe has to offer. Remember that every trip is designed for each individual client from the very start. We’ll learn your preferences, abilities, and specific needs while building a safari that you will never forget.



Heliboarding in Europe

So if you are looking to break boundaries, take on a new challenge and be safe in the knowledge that you are exploring the Alps with Europe’s best this winter, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Should humans conquer the mountain or should they wish for the mountain to possess them?