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Heli-Hike Safari Behind the Scenes

Safety and Planning for Guided Heli-Hiking Trips

For heli hiking we always need to think about the weather conditions and temperatures in the Alps can be extremely variable. Suitable equipment for this activity such as gloves, sunglasses and a windproof jacket are really all you need to bring with you although we recommend you bring your own good hiking boots. Our luxury hiking trips are adaptable to almost any activity level, and we’re happy to advise clients regarding their equipment choices.

Helicopter for Skiing in the Alps

Like all of our trips we manage everything from the big picture, (hotel, guides, routes and helicopter) down to the smaller details a surprise lunch in a mountain refuge, a night in a treehouses, a visit to a mountain monastery or even a torchlit evening hike). You arrange your flights and we typically arrange all transfers, whether by air, land, mule or sled, from the moment you arrive at your destination until you leave. Our operating style and personalized touch allow us to turn imagination into reality with the help of our local contacts.

Planning a heli hiking trip depends on a network of irreplaceable local contacts to access remote exclusive places in the Alps. These trips require experience in the alpine environment, awareness and the ability to adapt to changing micro weather patterns. Our team are equipped with the ability and knowledge of the region to be able to make instant decisions and improvise a second, third or even fourth plan when conditions change at a moment’s notice.

Climbing in the Alps

Hiking in the Alps, especially with the views afforded by heli-hiking, can be a life-changing experience. Our trips are designed from the ground up for each specific client, and no two are exactly alike. SwisSkiSafari offers a unique combination of adventure, luxury, and the careful guidance of Alpine experts.

Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing