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Heli-Hike Safari

Heli-Hiking: be one of the brave few

Enjoy breathtaking helicopter flights over mountains, valleys, glaciers and cliffs. Land on the summit of a mountain, and from here hike different glaciers for a unique adrenaline rush. Guided hiking trips have never been so exhilarating.

Helicopter Hiking in the Alps
Hiking Knot in the Snow

All about experiencing the high alpine environment

For a start, you can only really do heli hiking in Italy and Switzerland, where there are designated landing spots. From each heli drop you get a choice of routes, and you’ll be able to descend more than 2000m of vertical – that’s anything from two to three hours of descent.

Helicopter for Hiking in the Alps

What’s actually involved?

The best way to plan these Alpine hiking tours is a mix between heli-hiking and a hiking safari. This gives us time to work around the weather. The alpine topography creates its own microclimate. If we can’t fly in a specific area, we simply cross into neighboring valleys or another country! In addition, SwisSkiSafari trips are more than just heli hiking trips. We combine an element of normal hiking, which in the case of bad weather, allows the best hiking using ski lifts and short walks. We can hike even if we cannot heli hike.

There are no rules, escape happens, leave it to us