Luxury Hiking Vacation in the Alps | High End Heli-Hiking | SwisSkiSafari
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Heli-Hike Safari

Heli-Hiking: be one of the brave few

A guided heli-hiking safari allows you to land on the summits of the snow-topped peaks of the European Alps

Enjoy breathtaking helicopter flights over mountains, valleys, glaciers and cliffs before tackling world-famous mountains. Discover the alps with our experienced team of mountain guides, hiking along glaciers and high altitude routes for a unique adrenaline rush. Hiking in the Alps has never been so exhilarating and so luxurious.

Helicopter Hiking in the Alps

Experience the high alpine environment

We want to make the high alpine environment accessible to you

All of our trips are about you. Our tailor made trips are planned to your objectives, your hiking level and your level of luxury. Heli hiking is available in Italy, Switzerland, and France, and our expertise lies in the region where these countries meet. The proximity of these territories allows us to hike between more than one country on one trip. Arriving on mountain summits by air, your guides have a choice of routes for each heli drop, allowing you to experience the alpine environment in a unique way.

Helicopter for Hiking in the Alps

What’s actually involved in a heli-hiking trip?

Our intricate knowledge and the best planning ensure that every trip is unique to you

You give us your dates, how many people are in your group and what your objectives are. We then get to work to create your heli-hiking safari. The advantage of a guided hiking trip in the Alps is that we are with you every day to work your itinerary around the unique and ever-changing Alpine microclimate. We are always prepared to work with the changing alpine environment with alternative routes lined up for each day. Our extensive network of local contacts and pilots work with us to find the best areas to fly and hike. Our guides make even the impossible possible on every day of your trip.

There are no rules, escape happens, leave it to us