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Reconnect with Your Instincts and Feelings of Freedom

A wise 20th century explorer once said, “It is the misfortune of the person who once in his life felt, in solitude, a close and profound contact with nature. Because he will suffer the worst torments when obliged to rejoin the pack.”

Well, that sentiment was certainly true of this winter season. We had great guests, amazing experiences, and found ourselves alone often to enjoy the spectacular skiing, glaciers and refuges of the unseen Alps. We’ve noticed that we attract people who believe what we believe, and this season’s trips really proved that.

And now that summer’s approaching, we’re not sure whether its the sun, the breeze or the light on the mountains, but it feels like there is magic in the air.

Come and feel the magic of summertime hiking in the Alps with us, and reconnect with your instincts and feelings of freedom as we help you forge your own, unforgettable, path with one of our luxury hiking vacations.