Gift Guide: The Best Travel to Book for 2017

The 13 best new and over-the-top itineraries to gift this holiday season.


Swisskisafari founder Danielle Stynes describes her trips as “James Bond holidays for those who have it all and who think they’ve done it all.” Her newest customizable itinerary transfers clients between two of Switzerland’s most exclusive ski resorts, Zermatt and Andermatt, via helicopter. Starting in Zermatt, clients will traverse the mountain on skis just below the Theodule pass, the border crossing between Switzerland and Italy, then stop for lunch at the refuge des guides, one of the oldest refuges in Europe. On the helicopter transfer to Andermatt, clients get stunning views of the Matterhorn, the Aletsch glacier, and the famous mountain passes of Furka and Grimsel. Adrenaline junkies can get their fix in Andermatt where days are spent skiing 9,800-foot peaks in completely wild territory. Stynes works with top guides plus an avalanche expert who has a doctorate in snow forecasting to deliver clients untouched powder skiing. In Zermatt, choose between five-star hotels including the Zermatterhof, Mont Cervin Palace, or the Monta Rosa. The only hotel in Andermatt is the over-the-top luxe Chedi, which boasts an award-winning spa and a Japanese restaurant from acclaimed chef Hide Yamamoto. Seven-night trip starting at $30,000 for two people, including helicopter flights;