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  • Town and Country Magazine

    Hike in the Alps like the Italians


    The 13 best new and over-the-top itineraries to gift this holiday season.

  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Helicopter Tours That Deliver a Real Adrenaline Rush

    Sightseeing from a chopper merely gets your heart pumping. For a bigger, more original thrill, try heli-biking.

  • THE WALL STREET JOURNAL - Take Off Like a Man on These High-Adrenaline Guy Getaway

    LAST FEBRUARY, Morgan Callagy found himself a very long way from his home and office, which was precisely where he wanted to be. After a day heli-skiing in untouched powder in the Italian Alps, the London-based general partner at private-equity firm Veronis Suhler Stevenson...

  • ROTOR MAGAZINE - Chansing Powder on a Helicopter

    Most helicopter pilots fly some complex and challenging missions. They have to be at the top of their game when, for example, they’re navigating through smoke and thermal currents while carrying a full load of water slung below their aircraft or maneuvering a news helicopter through low altitudes thick with traffic. Nowhere in ...


    The founder of SwisSkiSafari creates authentic yet luxurious experiences for her year-round mountain adventures.

  • THE NEW YORK TIMES - Backcountry

    The Breckenridge and Big Sky/Moonlight Basin improvements also reflect a trend sweeping the industry: bringing backcountry skiing - going beyond maintained trails to neighboring sections where avalanches are a risk but the rewards of fresh snow abound - to the resort guest. Over the past few years, Sno-Cat skiing, avalanche beacon training ...

  • THE SUNDAY TIMES - Skiing for Playboys

    If you’ve got some money to burn, Sean Newsom knows where to mix with the snow-sports jet set. If you’ve got a generous annual bonus to blow, look no further. The snow-sports industry has had a burst of cash-craving creativity and has hit upon a whole new level of indulgence and adventure, aimed at super-rich skiers...

  • THE OBSERVER - Escape

    We are at the head of the Tête de Valpelline glacier, 3,802 metres (12,474 ft) high and just to the west of the towering summit of the Matterhorn. The thump of the five-seater Aerospatiale Squirrel helicopter that dropped us off fades into the deepest silence you can imagine. All around is a panorama of Alpine giants, cold and clear in brilliant sunlight...

  • EXECUTIVE TRAVEL - Helicopter Skiing: The Ultimate Chairlift

    The first time you go heliskiing can be a little intimidating. Chances are you’ve never been close to a helicopter before, and now one’s landing inches from your nose, beating you silly with rotor wash. Moments later, you’re zooming up and over airy ridges and touching down in the middle of nowhere. Out you go into the rotor wash ...

  • FINANCIAL TIMES - How to Spent It

    Australian Danielle Stynes holds the keys to the kingdom in the Alps: her company Swisskisafari ( specialises in very high-end ski and snowboard itineraries, using helis where they are allowed, primarily in Switzerland, but also in France and Italy. Highlights include visiting a monastery accessible only on skis, where monks welcome guests ...

  • ARCHITECTURE DIGEST - Gipfel des Vergnügens

    With this unique outfit, ski fans are having fun. First, by helicopter they float over the slopes of the highest mountains of Europe, along the Mont Blanc. Next, they glide on pure, virgin slopes down the valley. That’s just one of the possibilities from the ‘Three Valleys, Three Countries’ tour which Danielle Stynes from Swisskisafari can propose to you...

  • HERALD MAGAZINE UK - Heli-skiing for Softies

    The wine tasting was in full swing. Corks were being drawn, glasses were clinking. Henri Valloton, the wine-maker from the little village of Fully, just down the valley, was fussing proudly over his charges as if they were his favourite grandchildren – the wines, that is, not the tasters. The terrace of the elegant Chalet Adrien hotel was bathed in evening sunshine...

  • SKI AND BOARD UK - Retired ski racer seeks easier life

    A SKI RACER’S LIFE is usually too busy – and his pockets too empty – for heliskiing to play much of a part in his early career. In any case, powder skiing – much as I enjoy it – doesn’t come to your rescue when you are hitting speeds of up to 80 mph on a near vertical ice-rink. So it was quite a treat for me to spend some time in the Swiss Alps following part of the ...





  • Robb Report

    Why a Heli-Ski Safari Is the Most Thrilling Way to Hit the Slopes.


    Unless it’s for sustenance, linking food to the skiing experience is dangerous business. Do that, and suddenly you’re studying grooming reports, one-piece suits and runs that’ll contain your swivelling hips. Before you know it, you’ve become your Dad, or at least someone else’s Dad. Good thing that none of that counts in the Swiss Alps...