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Pack mentality

Did you know that wild wolves make the oldest, or sick, wolves take the lead of the pack? They put the young ones in the middle and the alpha male stays at the end of the pack to look after everyone.

Deep snow hiking

We learnt this while ski touring with a pack of super adventurous guys from America’s east coast this week. Thrilled to arrive to such deep powder, being used to more scratchy, icy conditions back home, this pack really pushed their limits to make the most of the incredible conditions.  Hiking through thigh-deep snow in a thick forest was a breeze for them and the jokes, and wildlife facts, spurred us up hill all week.

Record-breaking snow

Record-breaking snow fall has meant incomparable skiing conditions, but reaching it on foot is a whole new challenge. Plus, high winds have increased the avalanche risk, meaning groups with only the most highly experienced guides should venture off piste. With this in mind, we have been working around the weather to find pockets of untouched snow, usually in the forested areas.

Turns to talk about

On one memorable day, having truly earned our turns with some demanding ski touring, we discovered an absolutely unforgettable descent: smoothly undulating terrain, fresh tracks and velvet turns. This is the kind of skiing you dream about. Unsurprisingly, the group asked for more, meaning lunch had to be postponed. A wolf pack never leave anyone behind, after all. Thankfully, our friend who owned that day’s lunch stop waited for us in his charming village eaterie, and we eventually feasted on mouthwatering local cuisine, bursting to talk about what we had just done.

Hosting such entertaining company is always a huge pleasure, so thank you to the east coast skiers for an excellent week. Your pack have well and truly set the bar high.