Luxury Helicopter Skiing in Europ | Luxury Skiing Vacations
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Everything you need can be found on the internet, right? Wrong.

In fact, no SwisSKIsafari experiences can be found elsewhere online. No-one else spends a week preparing a treehouse ready for visitors, sending in food and bedding by helicopter days before.

Luxury Helicopter Skiing in Europe

Recently, we took one adventurous lady and her security team onto the north face of the Eiger, inspired by the story of passionate climber Tony Kurz who tragically lost his life while attempting to reach the summit in 1936. We stopped the cable car in a tunnel half way up the mountain and climbed out through a window onto the mountain to get an impression of its immense size and drama close-up.

We had cars and helicopters at the ready hours before pick-ups were scheduled, just in case she woke up early, or the weather changed. These small details make every SwisSKIsafari experience unique. So you want to play a round of golf at the foot of the Matterhorn and then take a helicopter ride over it? No problem. Chat to us to find out more about experiences which can’t be found online.