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NBDB: Never Been Done Before

Admiring the mountain view

Here at SwisSkiSafari, we really dislike queues.
And we bet you do too. That’s why one of our new, queue-free itineraries has got us inspired.

The Brief

The guests wanted the royal treatment: VIP travel, the chicest accommodation in the Alps (panoramic views a must), a ski itinerary which took them across international borders and away from the tourist crowds, and bookings in the most exclusive mountains restaurants. No problem.

Our Solution

Step 1: private jet to Switzerland.
Step 2: helicopter transfer to Zermatt.
Step 3: a sleek, modern design chalet only accessible by lift through the rock.
Oh, and Matterhorn views as well as spa treatments on tap.

And the skiing in the Alps? Our team of professional ski guides, snow doctors and heli pilots crafted a never-been-done-before combination of heli drops into powdery backcountry alongside guided off-piste and rests in small cobbled villages where the welcome is even warmer than the tartiflette. All our guests had to do was remember their passports for the cross over into Italy. Absolute magic.

If you’re looking for a never-been-done-before ski experience tailored to you, get in touch. See what our luxury skiing vacations have to offer. This time you’re not even limited by your imagination: you have ours too.