Mountain biking in the Alps
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Mountain-biking-in -the-Alps-Swisskisafari

Mountain biking in the Alps

SwisSkiSafari offered biking in the Alps as one of our original adventures thirteen years ago. And now we are returning to our origins. As our hiking trips became popular the biking took a bit of a back seat. However, with the quality of electric bikes rising and mountain biking becoming more and more popular, biking is back.

High altitude secrets and glamorous digs

Our mountain biking trips follow our tried and tested safari recipe. We extract you from the man-made world and transfer you into true wilderness, away from crowds.Much like an African safari, our biking in the Alps is guided. Our team are qualified expert guides who have in-depth knowledge of the terrain, its dangers and weather. We believe that biking in the Alps requires luxury accommodation at the end of the day. We provide in-depth understanding of the environment and knowledge of the most efficient way from A to B via cleverly chosen Alpine routes. And of course, each biking safari in the Alps is completely unique.

Mountain biking in the Alps is fun and fast paced

The small resorts offer wide, high altitude paths, seriously stunning backdrops and luxurious hotels. We know how important it is to soothe aching muscles after an exhilarating bike ride. Riding the ski lift system to the top helps. Also we like to stick to larger tracks back down, rather than single tracks which are often really hiking trails. We do this to avoid the clash of the hiking and biking traffic. We want to keep you safe with some jiggle room for error.

Mountain biking in the Alps should be heart pumping and safe

We believe it’s incredibly important to choose the correct biking trail in this environment. On a small single track one error can be disastrous. If you are mountain biking for pleasure and you are not a professional cyclist, good cardio fitness is essential. Choosing a route for biking in the Alps requires careful planning and in-depth knowledge of the region. Living and biking in the region gives us the upper hand, as does knowing the state of the trails, the opening and closing of roads and the most efficient way from A to B through the Alps.

Familiarity and Alpine weather

As an organizer of high end biking trips in the Alps, we focus on safety and knowing where attention needs to be paid on each trail. Our guides know the length of each route, and how long each climb should take. We have factored in convenient places to refuel, as well as any shortcuts needed if the weather turns.

Those who have traveled withs before know that the weather in the Alps can change very quickly, especially in the summer. The temperature can be in the 30s down in the valley but cool and cloudy at altitude. Evening storms can arrive quickly and be surprisingly powerful. We definitely don’t want you to get caught at altitude in bad weather.

Mountain bikers love the European Alps for being one of the most impressively beautiful places to ride in the world.  With a trip tailored to your needs and level, we can create your ultimate biking adventure in the Alps. Contact SwisSkiSafari for a tailor-made biking itinerary just for you.

And when the temperatures start to drop our minds turn to exploring the same Alps on ski. Find out why we love skiing in Europe in our blog.

Warm Regards from the Mountains