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Luxury skiing in Europe

Luxury skiing in Europe

The definition of luxury in travel has changed over the last few years.

luxury skiing in Europe is about the experience rather than the price tag. Our experiences determine our definition of luxury. As we live here, our idea of what and where is the best to see and ski comes from day-to-day insider Alpine knowledge.

How do you find luxury skiing in Europe?

For us, a trip needs to tick certain boxes. One essential is escaping the crowds, and we have a head start on this with our up-to-the-moment snow knowledge. Being on the ground we see it and ski it. We also have the best sources of information. Interested in knowing more about our secret ski safari weather weapon? Check out our snow doctor.

Guided skiing is the real luxury

To escape the crowds on the slopes, you need a guide. Forget the groomed tourist areas: to see what the European Alps are really about you need to get off the beaten track. This doesn’t mean all difficult, physically demanding backcountry or off piste skiing. It does mean that luxury skiing in Europe requires insider knowledge. To be immersed in the nature and meet the people of the Alps you need to access the quieter, lesser known areas.

One of the luxuries of skiing in Europe is its authenticity

Europe has a long relationship with skiing and its Alps. Alpine villages have been dealing with seasonal snow fall for centuries and have adapted their lifestyle around it. Food, wine and the day-to-day activities of the locals are the key to authenticity. Ironically, the domesticated ski areas mask this to a certain degree. The ski resorts can be incredibly charming and offer the services that you are looking for on a ski holiday, but not far from these resorts the real gems can be found.

Our definition of luxury skiing in Europe is not…

…skiing from crowded ski lift queues to other crowded ski lift queues via groomed runs. Our job is to take you off the beaten path where the luxury experiences are found. Real life unravels only a stones’ throw from the resorts and this is what we like to show you. The smaller ski areas, where local children have their first ski tumbles can be the gateway to a winter wonderland European experience.

Ski to the door of locally acclaimed restaurants

Where you will find  the restaurateurs are as interested in you as you are in them. These restaurants don’t look like the ones you find in the ski resorts. As you arrive, you’ll be invited to have a drink and a chat with everyone in front of an open fireplace before being seated. Forget about ordering: that is just the impression that the owner likes to give you. In fact, he is already hand-picking all the dishes that he insists you taste. These are the hidden personalities that we are proud to introduce you to.

This sort of luxury and the way we ski Europe is not for everyone

We do not offer trips where you could be skiing anywhere in the world, untouched by the environment and its people. In our areas of the Alps not everyone will speak your language. You will not find the places that we recommend on the internet. Our hotels, and even the rooms inside, are hand-picked. Immerse yourself into cultures and places where people do things differently to the way you do things. A trip that remains flexible, making on-the-spot changes for weather, ability and need are essential to find untouched Alpine wilderness. You will need to bring your curiosity, your open mind and be ready to be touched by a majestic landscape of the European Alps.

Come and spend a few days in one place before moving on to the next via ski or snowboard. ​Enjoy the freedom of crossing the borders of the Alps.

Discover new cultures, experience our local network of contacts and be guided by the best in the business.

If you’re looking for a unique, private luxury ski safari experience where the world can’t find you, look no further. Swiss Ski Safari is your answer. Get in touch and we’ll show you luxury skiing in Europe, our way.

Warm regards from the mountains,