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Know your snow

Are you ready for some snow stats? Right now, there is twice the amount of snow on the ground than is normal for this time of year.  We have on average two meters of snow at 2000m altitude. Between 2.5 and 3 meters of snow has amassed this month, bringing a 200% increase this year, based on averages from the last 10 years. Pretty amazing.

How do we know this? This week we caught up with Robert, our very own snow doctor with a PhD in Snow Forecasting.

From the first snowfall to the last

He is an advocate of the idea that that to plan the best ski expedition you need to know your snow. This means you need to be up to date with the evolution of the conditions from the very first snowfall to the last, and all the variations of temperature in between. At Swisskisafari, knowing all this is business as usual.

Right now we have a constant wind coming from the north west and west, whereas in Decembers gone by we’d be looking at warmer winds coming from the south.

Stable snow pack

Temperatures have stayed unseasonably low, with 0 degrees at 1000 meters altitude, and even as low as 500 meters. This is perfect for the snow, stabilizing the snow pack, and providing a solid base for the whole season.  Great news.

Robert predicts that this is going to be one of the best seasons that we have had in the Alps for years now, starting off with an extra 50-70cm of new snow at 2000 meters next week.

In summary

In response to our request for a scientific summary of this data, Robert says: “It is a very good start to the season with good to excellent conditions.”

But our ski guide summary goes like this: “Yeah! Bring it on! we are so excited to get those skis and snowboards on!”

So come and join us this snowy season, even if you book last minute… it’s easier to be bold now that you also know the snow.