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High-end hiking in the Alps

High-end hiking in the Alps

Apparently, hiking has gone high end, for us, it has always been high end, or at least since we started SwisSkisafari 13 years ago.

What does high-end hiking entail

It entails fabulous hikes ending in gourmet meals. Perfectly planned days. At the end of the hiking day, massages, back in handpicked mountain lodges and boutique luxury accommodation. Whether you are a first-time hiker or a seasoned summer mountaineer we delight in designing the perfect trip in the Alps for you. This is our backyard and high-end hiking is our specialty. We take you from village to village on alpine trails, over majestic glaciers, crossing borders between the Swiss, Italian and French Alps on foot, in complete safety.

Nothing gives you access like living in the region

We are a group of experienced mountain guides and creative alpine experts. We’re all good friends, too. At your request, we get together and work over the maps and the logistics to create the best possible trip in the region. This attention to detail is what a high-end hiking trip is about. Routes are chosen for you based on the time of year, the state of the trail, where you would like to go, what you would like to achieve and the time that you have.

Whatever your level high-end hiking is available to you

Specializing in making the higher mountain environment available to all types of hikers requires a deep knowledge of the region. Being local, speaking the language and our expertise the Alps means that we build our trips on a foundation of hundreds of small details, years of experience and an eye for fun. We love to use our craftsmanship and quality of service towards your trip.

Whether you’re pushing yourself up the Matterhorn or strolling Alpine pastures, high-end hiking is the best way to discover the Alps.

A private high-end hiking trip is the true luxury

We have found that mixing groups who do not necessarily have the same athletic level, whether it be skiing, biking or hiking is not workable. Nor is trying to accommodate different priorities or budgets. For true luxury, take a trip designed especially for you. This means you can do more and get more out of your trip. We don’t like to visit the crowded tourist’s spots with long waits. Nor do we stick to the plan if it’s not right on the day. No going to one area when another is better. We want to open doors and introduce you to our local hangouts, trails we love and empty wilderness, off the beaten track. Areas that can only be accessed with a qualified mountain guide.

If you’re looking for a unique, private high-end hiking experience where the world can’t find you, look no further. Swiss Ski Safari is your answer. Get in touch and we’ll take you on an unforgettable hiking holiday in the Alps!

If you are getting ready for a hiking trip and looking for some tips on how to choose your boots here is some help from us.

Warm regards from the mountains