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Here Comes the Sun


Here Comes the Sun…

…and you know what that means? Summer hiking.

Our favourite request so far this for this season has been for a unique hiking experience around the three best European mountains in just one week. Our extra special clients will sleep in the most luxurious Alpine hotels, eat in the most delicious mountain eateries tucked away from the crowds, and hike beneath the Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn with expert guides. To top it all off, they will take a helicopter ride around the mighty Eiger. Talk about feeling on top of the world.

Fascinated by the story of legendary mountaineer Tony Kurz, we’re creating a unique day trip to the door at the bottom of the Eiger’s famous North Face where he tragically lost his life in what was to become one of the most famous mountain descents in history. It’s going to be a mind blowing trip, and we can’t wait. If you’re looking for a bespoke mountain experience that you’ll never forget, get in touch.