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Harness Your Summer

Like skiing? You’ll love hiking in the Alps. Trust us, they are more similar than you think. Here are just four reasons why…

  • Forget yesterday, forget tomorrow, focus on now. Climbing and hiking, like skiing, are utterly gripping (excuse the pun). All you need to think about is each step, each grip, each breath. No bills, no work, no chores: just the way life should be.
  • Awesome scenery. The air is crisp and fresh, the light is bright, the views are breathtaking. Where else do you spend every minute wanting to take photos to show your friends back home?
  • Satisfaction. You’ll feel the buzz at the end of each day, and we don’t just mean aching muscles. Your aperitif tastes sweeter, your dinner feels deserved, and you sleep like a log.
  • Enter the Zone. Reaching the top of a mountain is unbeatable. You come out of the ‘zone’ like waking up from a long sleep. But this is real. Look out at the view. Take off your sunglasses and squint. Bliss.


We’re already planning tailor-made climbing and hiking trips for families, friends, and colleagues this summer. If you want to climb Mont Blanc on your birthday or hike the alps with your family (luxury spa included), don’t belay (get it?). Plan your luxury hiking trip today!