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Detox and hiking

We’re amazed at the interest in our new Detox and hiking trips which launched just before Christmas – you can check them out here. It seems many people, like us, are longing to take stock of their health and get back on track, along with a good dose of fresh Alpine air.

Detox and hiking details

With so much detail in these trips, we wanted to detail why these trips are different. Switzerland has always had a reputation for health clinics, which began in the 19th century. To this day the pharmaceutical industry is still a key contributor to Switzerland’s economy.

The Swisskisafari Detox and hiking experience

Each experience will have four main components: nutrition, bio resonance treatments, massage and activity.

Detox nutrition

Detoxification starts with food. The foods you will eat during this experience have been selected to help eliminate the toxins from your body. It is not a matter of eating less, but eating foods which will help with the elimination process. The detoxification process requires you to avoid foods that do not agree with you and which are contributing to toxins in the body. However, this is not enough. Toxins are taken out of your body with the right foods. So, a diet high in the right foods that will help the body eliminate the toxins is key.

Bio resonance treatment

Treatments speed up the detox process. Bio resonance treatment identifies stressors and supports the body to overcome these, which are contributing to ill health. There is a big difference between treating an illness at its root and just keeping symptoms at bay. To assist the body to heal itself, bio resonance recognizes the role of nutrition, toxic load, acidity, inflammation, and metabolic sediment. Each treatment during the week will speed up the detoxification process. It reduces the load of stressors confronting the body’s defence mechanism, improves those mechanisms so that the body’s natural healing capacities are boosted and provides support to ailing or overworked organs.

Lymphatic draining massage

Our massage therapist works with the Dr Vodders lymphatic drainage massage method. This involves a gentle, repetitive massage with a stretch, twist and release technique that stimulates the lymph system speeding up the elimination of toxins. Promoting relaxation, it works to release tension from the muscles and helps with pain reduction. Dr Vodder also believes that this massage technique helps boost the immune system. The massage works on specific pathways that the body uses to drain water and waste, combined with a powerful relaxing and calming effect.


During the detoxification process it is also important to get outdoors and be active. The hikes we will take are designed to be gentle as our objective is to eliminate toxins and not create more toxins by working the body too hard. So, the perfect balance is required: just enough activity to get blood flowing and help elimination, but not so much that we add toxins during this detoxification process.

Small groups and personal treatments

With just six people in each group, it is easy for us to get to know your needs. Individuals are welcome to join our small open group trips, or this experience can be arranged privately for groups of friends and family. The maximum group size is six.

A reminder of the public dates for our trips taking place in Summer 2020:

June 14-21

June 21 -27

Sept 13- 19

For a body reset from a different perspective, this magnificent experience will combine luxury rooms and suites with stunning Alpine views. This is a unique chance for a full body unwind and rewind and to discover what you need to get back on track with wellness travel that meets the mountains.

Please don’t hesitate if you have any other questions. If you do not need a detox but are interested in our summer mountain hiking in the Alps, drop us a line.

Warm regards from the mountains.