Our Origins - SwisSkiSafari
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Our Origins

Into the Alpine Wild

This experience inspired the concept of Swisskisafari: taking groups into wild, unchartered territory but ending each day in luxurious accommodations. The days would be designed to match the activity level and challenge appetite of each group, so everyone would feel exhilarated, even pushed, and leave feeling a new sense of satisfaction. Hence, Swisskisafari was born. Our bespoke Alpine itineraries are safaris in the sense that they extract each individual from the man-made world, and drop you into the true wilderness. Or, to quote our good friend Lisa Lindblad, “a safari helps you to see, rather than simply look, to listen rather than to simply hear and completely immerse yourself in the moment”.

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The Original Boundary-Pushers

Much like an African safari being run by expert guides, a good high quality ski safari requires in-depth knowledge of the ski terrain, its dangers and how to make the most of any weather conditions. You shouldn’t drive out into a lion-filled savannah on your own, nor should you ski an unknown mountainside without an experienced professional guiding you. Swisskisafari is an unrivalled network of the most qualified and experienced mountain guides, helicopter pilots, and trip planners in the Alps. This combination of Alpine experts are what makes every safari completely unique.

Whether you’re looking for an incredible guided hiking tour through the Alps, unbelievable heli boarding in Switzerland, or a week of pristine European helicopter skiing with never-ending descents away from the tourist crowds, Swisskisafari can arrange it. Trips like this require specialised knowledge, not only to ensure safety but to maximise your chances of enjoying the best Alpine hiking, powder skiing, and snowboarding conditions. Who better to rely on than a team who have lived and worked in the area their whole lives?

Put simply: we all live here. Being local means we are well connected, we are on the ground, and we are wide awake. Being able to open doors where no-one else can, we are the rule makers, the snow forecasters, and the boundary-pushers.



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Bespoke Alpine Vacations Rely on Local Expertise

True adventure has no recognition of international borders, which is why a ski safari can take you from Italy to France and Switzerland, seamlessly showing you the best remote powder fields, velvet descents, untouched mountainsides, couloirs and forest runs in the Alps, with no resort skiers in sight. This pure experience will be smoothly arranged, with many powerful people working away in the background to make sure back-up plans are laid, the weather is on your side, and every guest leaves feeling a huge sense of satisfaction.

A trip like this requires in-depth local knowledge. If you’re looking for a private mountain experience during which the world can’t find you, look no further.