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About SwisSkiSafari

At SwisSkiSafari, our mission is to take you on an adventure you’ll never forget

With the experienced helicopter pilots and skilled guides on our team, a guided luxury Alpine safari has never been more tangible. Not only will our alpine experts guide you on a heart-pumping, snow-capped adventure; but their keen sense of luxury gives you the opportunity to experience the culture of the Alps through delicious food, fine wine, and starlit evenings in some of the most beautiful places Europe has to offer.

Whether it’s trekking to scenic peaks, or shredding through untouched powder, if you’re ready for a high-end luxury Alpine safari you’ll never forget, contact us at SwisSkiSafari, today!


Qualified Guides



Founder, expedition leader and creative lead of SwisSkiSafari, Danielle Stynes is an Australian-born adventurer creating luxury, tailor-made…

The Alps, Alaska, Greenland, South America… Guillaume had dedicated his life to finding and climbing the most beautiful rocks in the world.


How did we find him? Well, he found us really. While Abele was preparing for his 14th (yes, fourteenth) 8000 metre climb, he somehow…

Grischa developed his passion for mountains young. Having climbed extensively throughout South America, he moved to Chamonix to follow his dream of becoming a mountain guide.


Born in French-speaking Switzerland near Lake Geneva, Roland dreamed of flying as a boy, and progressed from planes at 18 to obtaining…


After extreme skiing came base jumping, which developed onto wing suit base jumping, and now Seb is a helicopter pilot. With a story like this, it’s safe to say that…


While working as a ski patroller in the French Alps in his early twenties, Robert became interested in the science of snow & worked to gain a PhD..


Also known as “my angel” by Danielle, Clemmie is our behind-the-scenes top secret magic ingredient to our trips. She “gets” the philosophies and unique way…


The origins. Why Safari?

At the birth of Swisskisafari 13 years ago, people questioned our use of the word ‘safari’, asking curiously where all the Alpine giraffes and elephants were hiding. Fast forward a decade, and things have changed significantly.

The Birth of a New Concept. The luxury Alpine safari concept originated during an avalanche training course undertaken by founder, Danielle. Moving around a section of the alps observing snow formations, each day saw a different destination and each night was spent in a different hotel. The freedom of movement and the sheer amount of ground covered during that week started Danielle thinking about what an incredible European Alpine experience should be like.

Spending each day far from the groomed slopes on a pure, magical, adventure amidst chamois and alpine birds gave the group a real sense of connecting to nature far from the man-managed runs.


It's the attention to detail that makes a SwisSkiSafari unforgettable